Chen Dan

Exponents of Taoism Qi Gong

Taoism Qi Gong and Taiji stick & ruler Qi Gong was originally imparted by Chen Dan, a Taoist of Huashan Mountain, whose era was more than 1000 years ago.

Chen Dan was his Taoist name, and his initial name was said to be Chen Xiyi (871-989). He was well-known among Taoism Qi Gong practitioners. lie not only imparted Taoism Qi Gong and Taiji stick & ruler Qi Gong to many Taoists, bat drew the figure about the inducing 24 Qi sitting Qigong as well. It was said that Chen Dan and Zhao Kuang-Yin (the first empire of the Song Dynasty) were old friends. Chen used to teach Zhao Taoism Qi Gong and Taiji stick & ruler Qi Gong and give him the figure of the inducing 24 Qi sitting Qi Gong. Later, as Zhao became the empire, Taoism qigong and Taiji stick & ruler Qi Gong was also regarded as the secret method for prolonging one's life in the imperial palace.

"The record about Tail-Lua Xiyi" described the family, life, and experience concerning with Taoism of Chen Dan. According to this book, Chen Dan was a person with profound knowledge, outstanding capability, and great intelligence. He had intimate friendship with Zhao Kuang-Yin for many years. Since Zhao Kuang-Yin became the emperor, Zhao and his younger brother (the second empire of the Song Dynasty) had called Chen Dan into their palace for many times in order to give him a position in the government. But Chen Dan was never moved by the attractive promise. On the contrary, he moved to Huashan Mountain, the sacred place for Taoists to retire from public life and practice their own internal constitution.

After that, Chen Dan had been engaged in Qi Gong practice. He also helped other people by predicting their future for them, He kept contact with some hermits (including Liqi, Lvdongbin, and Mayi Taoist) and organized a forum and Qi Gong classes with them. The students of Chen Dan included Zhong-Fang, Muxiu, Lizhicai, Shao Yong, Weiye, etc.