Ba Gua

Ba Gua Zhang Formal Lineage

Master Wang Feng-Ming with his Ba Gua teacher Liu Xing-Han and his Ba Gua brothers in Heaven's Temple Park in Beijing 1972.

Ba Gua

      What are "eight diagrams" (Ba Gua) and how to practice eight diagrams? Eight diagrams refer to eight directions and there is a circle with 1.5 meter in diameter on each of the eight directions.

  1. The practitioner walks in eight steps around each circle, each step stands for one direction together with one movement. So one dose eight movements. Repeat the exercise clockwise and counterclockwise.
  2. The eight circles stand of eight animals respectively, and the practitioner should exercise the movement of each animal around each of the eight circles. Repeat the exercise clockwise and counterclockwise.
  3. There are eighteen kinds of weapons that can be used in practice of eight diagrams. The practitioner can practice the eight movements of a certain kind of weapon. Repeat the exercise clockwise and counterclockwise.
  4. As eight diagrams is unique in technical theory, attack style and practice methods, and is different from other type of Wushu, it is preferred by a lot of Chinese Wushu fans and fans of other countries.

8 Mother Palms ( 8 Basic Palms 基礎八掌 )

  Names Chinese
1 Fierce Tiger Leaves the mountain 猛虎出山
2 Huge Roc Spreads Wings 大鵬展翅
3 Lion Opens Mouth 獅子張口
4 White Ape Offers the Peach 白猿獻桃
5 Embrace the Moon to the Chest 懷中抱月
6 Black Bear Stretches Arms 黑熊探臂
7 Point to Heaven and Strike the Ground 指天插地
8 Green Dragon Stretches Claws 青龍探爪

8 Big Palms(八大掌 )

  Names Chinese
1 Single Change Palm 單換掌
2 Double Change Palm 雙換掌
3 Follow Posture Palm 順身掌
4 Back Body Palm 背身掌
5 Turning Body Palm 轉身掌
6 Grinding Body Palm 磨身掌
7 Overturning Body Palm 翻身掌
8 Returning Body Palm 回身掌

Master Liu Xing-Han

90 Years old Master Liu Xing-Han guiding Master Wang Feng-Ming in Bagua, in Heaven's Temple Park in Beijing 1999.