Hu Yao-Zhen

Mr. Hu Yao-Zhen, an exponent of Taiji Stick & Ruler Qi Gong began to learn traditional Chinese Medicine, Qi Gong and boxing at age of sixteen. Even though he had asked many teachers for advice, there was no .any famous master to instruct him, he still took a lot of roundabout courses for his technical skill was still not excellent after many years of practice. Later, when he heard that Master Peng Ting-Jun was quite prestigious in martial arts field in Shanxi, he took along way and called on for advance. He ,could progress quickly every time he followed what Master Peng taught him to practise for a period time. Hu was impressed not only by Master Peng's good reputation, but by his superb skill and noble character through long time of getting along with each other, he then ask for being a formal apprentice to him. Master Peng thought Hu Yao-Zhen was an honest, reliable and diligent man, and he would become-'a promising exponent in Taoist school. So, he recognized him as his apprentice. Since then, he had learned Inner Qi Gong of Taoist School, Taiji Stick & Ruler Qi Gong, Hua Tuo's Five-Animal Skill, Six-Character Formula, Liu He Xin Yi Quan, and Zi Lu Taiji. This was how Taiji Stick & Ruler Qi Gong was handed down from ancient time till now. Master Hu Yao-Zhen, instructed by his kind teacher, finally stepped into the door of first-class skill with consummate level and mastering of Daoism, martial arts and medicine after years of painstaking practice. He later came to work in an acupuncture clinic of Beijing, and since early 50's, he first -tried to apply Qi Gong in the clinical treatment and got very good result for he cured many intractable cases. He would perform Qi Gong in combination with acupuncture and moxibustion to treat those patients recommended by other physicians who could not help with satisfactory effect.

In October 1959, Master Hu participated in National Meeting to Exchange Experience in Qi Gong in Beidaihe. In the meeting, he introduced his own experience on Qi Gong exercise for dozens of years, the laws of Dynamic Qi Gong and Static Qi Gong he had found out, especially the laws of Self-Emitting Qi Gong, and how he first applied Qi Gong in the clinical treatment with significant therapeutic effect and therefore accumulated a lot of successful experiences. Master Hu's excellent report on Qi Gong and the book "Qi Gong" made great influence on Qi Gong circle and enjoyed unanimous appraisals among the figures in Qi Gong world in our country. In the past, there was no unified term for Qi Gong and each school had its own one. At early 50's, Master Hu Yao-Zhen with Liu Gui-Zhen and other ancestors decided to standardize the term as "Qi Gong" to benefit the popularization of it. Soon after, Qi Gong was known to all. Master Hu Yao-Zhen was therefore honored as "Father of Modern Qi Gong" and " Miracle-working Doctor".